I'm inspired by others who challenge themselves to continually get outside of their comfort zone, to me life is about getting used to being uncomfortable as I honestly believe that living with that mindset allows you to continually grow as a person.

My name is Alex Mckinnon I am 25 yrs old, I grew up in a country town of 2000 people called Aberdeen around 2 hrs north west of Newcastle.

I'm an Only child that grew up surrounded by the sport I love rugby league, to me my rugby league club was my family and my team my brothers, I really enjoy that sense of belonging and it's something I really enjoy looking for now in other areas like Community groups, organisations, Art or different conferences.

I attended boarding school in Western Sydney at a school called St Gregory's College Campbelltown, attending such a prestigious Marist College filled me with pride and an ever-growing motivation to be the best I can be. 

After graduating in 2009 I moved to Wollongong to play NRL for the St George Illawarra Dragons, it was at that time that I was coach by a great mentor of mine Wayne Bennett and still to this day we are very close. At that time I was lucky to play, train & surround myself day in day with great examples of men. Through being around Players like Ben Creagh, Ben Hornby, Dean Young, Darius Boyd, Matt Cooper, Beau Scott, Jeremy Smith, Trent Merrin, Jake Marketo etc I learnt about sacrifice, leadership & work ethics. Three important qualities that are instilled in me to this day. 

In 2011 I signed a contract with the Newcastle Knights to follow Wayne and Darius to the region I began playing football in. I did so because I believed that I had some much more to learn from Wayne & Darius and I was excited to move back home where many of my friends were living. 

In 2014, I suffered a Spinal Cord Injury due to a lifting tackle playing in Melbourne and my life on completely turned upside down. 

Over the past 3 years I have managed to consistently grow, change & improve in many ways with the support of so many beautiful people. Over the past few months I've challenged myself to find my why, my purpose and I'm still continually looking but I know now I have a burning desire to add value to other people's life's & a strengthened motivation to be the best person I can be...

I am engaged and planning to marry the girl of my dreams Teigan Power in October and Iā€™m committed to making 2017 the best year yet.

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