I still can't believe it

I honestly still can’t believe it actually happened.

I look at photos and shake my head, there are so many aspects of the wedding day that could have varied from our desired wedding…though everything turned out perfect.

Over the past 3 years Teigan and I have done some amazing things, we plan our adventures knowing that something may cause us to alter our path to our destination. Whether it’s a medical issue, a complication with my chair or something which is uncontrollable. In our little team Teigan leads the way with her utmost belief that anything is achievable and I’m the one preparing our escape root just in case we need to detour.

Obviously my goal was to walk Teigan down the aisle at the end of the ceremony as my beautiful wife, although in life not through lack of effort or luck we are faced with the uncontrollable and the goalposts have to be adjusted, the goal line still remains the same but for now I just needed points on the board.

After years of focus and hard work on maximising my recovery my goal was now to stand at the alter for the ceremony, even though I had no idea how long a wedding ceremony went for or how long Teigan wanted ours to go for.

So a week before the big day I asked her “Teig, so how long is our ceremony and how long do you want me to stand for?” bearing in mind at this point with assistance on my knees I could stand for a maximum of 15 minutes, I REPEAT maximum of 15 minutes. She looked at me and casually said “40-45 minutes”. In my mind I said “holy shit”, she knows that I have never lasted that long before so why a week out from the wedding would she plan our ceremony for 45 minutes.

Over the next week I practised and practised and practised my assisted standing every gym session and the max I could still get to was 15 minutes. This is because I can’t contract the muscles in my legs fully so the blood pools in my legs and my blood pressure drops, also because the endurance in my legs is not strong enough to sustain my weight.

I entered the ceremony on Sunday 8th October with the mindset that I will give it my best shot and see how I go.  

The ceremony started and up I rose, waiting for my beautiful partner to greet me at the front and the proceedings began. We enjoyed the most wonderful ceremony going back through our 7 year journey with everyone and we finally were pronounced husband and wife.

My groomsmen then lifted me back into my wheel chair and away I went down the aisle. Completely on cloud nine I didn’t even realise what had just happened. I looked at Teigan and in complete disbelief I said “I just stood for 45 minutes, 45 minutes!!!” with the biggest smile on her face and an underlining grin she said “I knew you could”.

The moral of this story is that occasionally there are times when we don’t believe in ourselves, times when we think something is impossible. Trust that when the person/people that you love and trust tell you that you can achieve something believe that they know your limits, your ability and your potential better than you know yourself. Face those challenges that you thought were impossible, because I did and I experienced something that nobody can ever take away from me.


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