A Saint is a Sinner that didn't give up

The Art of Persistence….

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If you were to ask me what the most undervalued attribute of an individual who can continually face adversity was I would have to say Persistence.

When I reflect on the last 4 years of my life, or even further back I have always feared the unknown. Whether it was an upcoming exam, an upcoming Rugby League game or even an uncomfortable conversation I needed to have, the instability of the outcome was always in my vision.

I’m a caring person so maybe it was that I wanted the interaction to be beneficial for the person I was engaging with or maybe it was the sacrifices’ and commitment I had endured in preparation for a match that made the outcome so prevalent.

I clearly remember being in hospital crying about the unknown of my future.

The future of my health, relationships, Rugby League dreams, team mates and simply my life. I am a deep thinker so I would stew over everything, research and obsess with the overall desire to find something I could control in my life.

As time went on I came to realise that through education, sourcing experience off individuals that had been there before me and contacting the right people to help guide me (many failed attempts to find the right people in the Spinal Injury area due to its uniqueness) that it doesn’t matter how much control you seek in an area, sometimes you just have to stick at it. Appreciate and Trust that in time the outcome will reveal itself and know you are worthy and deserve your desired outcome.

My drive and commitment to my purpose in my life is so clear that every time I open my eyes on a new day my mind kicks into gear that I am grateful that the sun comes up and it’s time to suit up, put my gloves on and get on with the good fight.

Respect yourself and your values and know that A Saint is a sinner that didn’t give up. In each decision we face trust your values and let them guide you.

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In my life I understand there are non-negotiables that must be done (my carer coming into house at 6am every morning to get me ready, I always have my vital greens juice + supplements to start the day, drink 4 Litres of water + coconut water, manage skin just to name few things). I encourage everyone to establish or highlight some non-negotiable in their own life as I believe it will help you stay on path. I realise that everyone is on a journey, I don’t know exactly where I will end up though I reflect, I am conscious, I fail but one thing I can control is I will always Persist.

Alex Mckinnon