How can I be of benefit to your business?

✔ Keynote Speaking (Overcoming Adversity, Managing Change and Transition, Addressing Mental Health Challenges)
✔ Team Building Initiatives (Inclusion, Diversity, Personal Growth, Gratitude and Resilience)
✔ Leadership Engagement (Role Transition, Wellness and Professional Sport Insights)

Life is not a training drill. This is it. There's going to be the odd challenge, a time when life doesn't seem fair and times when giving up seems easier. You have to live in the now. Let me tell you my story about how overcoming adversity, challenging yourself and transitioning through life can lead to positive outcomes. Everybody has a different vehicle that takes you through life, mine at the moment is a wheelchair and I’m not going to let that hold me back. Let’s be grateful and make the most of what we’re got.